Thanks to the Mail Account Manager, enclosed in the Hepsia Website Control Panel it’s possible to easily manage all of your current mailboxes, regardless of the number of websites you have. It’s easy to filter mailboxes, switch on anti–spam, set email forwarding with merely a click and set up filters for use on your e–mail accounts. Due to our auto–configure scripts, you will be able to quickly configure your mail client to function with any e–mail account you have. And the latter is only a tiny part of what our Mail Account Manager will help you with.

Anti–Spam Protection

Get rid of spam with a click of the mouse

Through the Mail Account Manager within your Website Control Panel, you’re able to control junk mail messages. The enclosed anti–spam tool filters arriving e–mail messages and you can now customize its level of control with a click of the mouse. Additionally, you can state a unique level of spam protection for every single e–mail account.

There are two basic ways that our system handles messages recognized as spam. You can select if a spam email should be erased, or forwarded to a certain mailbox.

Hepsia File Manager

Email Forwarding

1–click re–direction of email messages

By using the Email forwarding tool, it’s possible to reroute all the email messages mail addressed at a mailbox to an alternative mailbox that you pick (either hosted in the same cloud hosting account or somewhere else on the web).

To forward an email address, simply pick it from the drop–down menu after which define the e–mail address that you would like all delivered messages to be delivered to. And then, you’re given the opportunity to choose if you need a copy of each and every message to be stored in the mailbox which you forward or not.

Hepsia File Manager

Email Filters

Set your mailbox in order

While using the Mail Account Manager within your Website Control Panel, it is simple to create different email filters. All you should do is identify the key words which will be used to filter messages and precisely where the filter will look for them (subject, body, etc.) and then choose the activity that’ll be applied to the filtered e–mails.

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